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Continuous Cribbage Board inlaid with Bloodwood / Maple : Alphabet S Shape Inlaid 3 Tracks with Drawer Storage

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About this item
  • Item#: 34-12-BW-3T-120
  • Type: Continuous 120 points
  • Tracks: 3 Tracks (3 Players)
  • Board Style: Flat
  • Theme: Alphabet S Shape
  • Inlay Type: Flat
  • Board Wood: Bloodwood
  • Inlay Wood: White Maple
What's included with this board
  • No. of Pegs: 9
  • Type of Pegs: 3 Gold, 3 Silver & 3 Copper Plated Metal Pegs
  • Storage type: 2 Deck of Cards & Pegs - Drawer
  • Others: Velvet or Leatherette Case (where ever applicable)
  • Playing Cards are not included (where ever shown in the images)

Cribbage Board Store presents exquisite 3 track (120 Points) Alphabet S Shape Continuous Cribbage Board in Flat Version with Drawer Storage. The handmade cribbage board is made of Bloodwood and through special inlay process, S Shape Maple tracks are inlaid on the board with great precision. The Board has 3 Front Pull Drawers - 2 Drawers are used to store Playing Cards and 1 Small Drawer for storing Pegs.

We DON'T USE any screen prints or paints to create numbers or tracks on cribbage board. Both the tracks and numbers on board are carved on natural Maple. The tracks are leveled with box height for your ease of playing and moreover the numbers on tracks are also carved and not painted or screen printed.

One can't find such gorgeous handmade continuous cribbage board from any other source as this has been developed by our designing and research section with immense dedication. This kind of unique cribbage board with 9 metal pegs and front pull drawers to store cards & pegs is being offered for the first time and is hardly available elsewhere.

The Flat cribbage board provides storage space for 2 deck of playing cards and also separate section for 9 cribbage pegs in drawers. Soft red velvet felt has been applied inside the drawers and free velvet cover is also provided to protect the board.

About Manufacturer
Designed & manufactured by Pleasant Times Industries. World renowned since 1982 in manufacturing of Cribbage boards, Wooden board games, Chess, Backgammon, Dominoes and other games.

Important Information
Neither the playing cards shown in images are part of this cribbage board nor these are being provided as an accessory with the purchase of board.

  • Item# 34-12-BW-3T-120
  • UPC# N/A
  • Board Length: 32cm
  • Board Width: 10cm
  • Board/Box Height: 4cm
  • Peg Height: 25mm
  • Peg Hole Diameter: 2mm
  • Peg Hole Depth: 6mm
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