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4 Track Continuous Cribbage Board Inlaid in Bloodwood - Storage Drawer for Cribbage Pegs and Score Marking Fields for Skunks, Corners and Won Games

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About this item
  • Item#: 32-14-PD-WB-4T-120
  • Type: Continuous 120 points
  • Tracks: 4 Tracks (4 Players)
  • Board Style: Flat
  • Theme: Regular Design
  • Inlay Type: Flat
  • Board Wood: White Maple
  • Inlay Wood: Bloodwood
What's included with this board
  • No. of Pegs: 20
  • Type of Pegs: 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Copper & 5 Black Plated Metal Pegs
  • Storage type: only Pegs - Pull Out Drawer
  • Others: Velvet or Leatherette Case (where ever applicable)
  • Playing Cards are not included (where ever shown in the images)

House of Cribbage presents 4 track (120 Points) Continuous Cribbage Board made for up to 4 players. The board measures 13.5" x 4.75" x 1.18" (Inch) and can be used to play games between 4 players.

Twenty brass crib pegs (5 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Black and 5 Copper plated) are provided with the board. The front part of the board has a very beautiful drawer to store twenty metal crib pegs. There are 20 slots in the pull out drawer and each slot holds the single peg. The magnetic lock on the back of drawer holds the drawer tightly when it is in the closed position and the brass knob on the front enhances the beauty of the board.

The complete board has three coats of catalyzed lacquer in satin finish that provides protection from spills and general wear & tear.

The handmade cribbage board has been inlaid in Maple wood and Blood Wood and there is a separate space for skunks, corners and won games.

The bottom of the box has scratch deterrent maroon velvet felt with anti-skid pads to protect the board from scratches and enhances the stability of the board.

Free velvet bag is also provided to protect the board.

There is no Playing cards storage provided.

We don't use any screen prints or paints to create numbers or tracks on cribbage board.

Designed and crafted by Pleasant Times Industries.
All designs, images, concepts, and content is copyright and owned by Pleasant Times Industries.

Important Information
Neither the playing cards shown in images are part of this cribbage board nor these are being provided as an accessory with the purchase of board.

  • Item# 32-14-PD-WB-4T-120
  • UPC# N/A
  • Board Length: 34cm
  • Board Width: 12cm
  • Board/Box Height: 3cm
  • Peg Height: 29mm
  • Peg Hole Diameter: 2mm
  • Peg Hole Depth: 4mm
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